Creating a movement

Born by night, designed in Germany, created in Poland: The best ingredients are the basis, but only firm conviction, the search for perfection and total dedication can make RUNES Vodka a statement.


The Runes are considered to be a distinctive mark for urban trendsetters and enthusiasts of first-class liquors alike. A signpost for those who are part of it, without getting lost in the masses.


Originating from the nightlife, RUNES Vodka feels deeply connected to the scene and stands for all those who keep reinventing themselves while remaining true to themselves.

At home in the world‘s hippest locations, with European roots and an international audience, RUNES Vodka is a true cosmopolitan. There is no place for intolerance and discrimination here, but instead self-determination and solidarity are celebrated.


Between the bar and the dance floor, RUNES vodka combines the extravagance of nightlife with the culture of the bar and the characteristic of pure taste.

The result: an authentic liquor, as timeless as contemporary. An insider tip that is spreading like wildfire among the scene and gastronomers.


Only the best raw materials are used for the crystal-clear spirit: the basis is the purest water from our own spring, which has already existed since the Cretaceous period, and aromatic local rye.
Whereas the idea for RUNES Vodka comes from Germany, the ingredients for this European quality product are traditionally produced and processed in Poland, the birthplace of vodka.
Here, far more than just another premium vodka is created: Distilled with great dedication and filtered several times, nothing is ever left to chance.
With its genuine taste and excellent quality, RUNES Vodka is not only the ideal basis for cocktails and long drinks, but also a real delight on the rocks or pure.
RUNES Vodka is Bio-certified by EG-Bio-Verordnung: Öko-Kontroll-Nr. DE-ÖKO-006


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